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About Ross Construction and Design of Tallahassee

Experienced Builder with Expertise

Ross Construction and Design of Tallahassee

       Our reputation is built on our ability to consistently maintain high quality construction, with fair market pricing.

       We maintain business relationships by meeting and exceeding our client’s needs. *Repeat customers compile over 50% of our new construction and design.

We understand that to be the “King of the Construction Jungle”, there are 4 absolute foundation principles that we adhere to, no exceptions.
1-All Business Proposals are submitted within 2 days or less.   This includes all questions, small details even, that you might want to understand better.
2-All jobs, large, medium or small, are held to the same standards: A-Finishing on time.   (We do not leave a job to work on another)  B-We use the highest quality building materials.
3-All of our licensed plumbers, electricians, roofers, gas and other specialty contractors, are pre-screened.  You can rest assured of having top quality professionals at work for you.  
4-We understand our Vital Role to your Constructions Dreams.  We thoroughly seek to understand exactly what you desire.  Dreams have lots of variations, and many times, additional aspects are added to your original proposals.